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    About Creative Destruction Ohio

    Creative Destruction is a professional demolition contractor based in Columbus, OH and servicing nationwide. Our team provides residential and commercial industrial demolition services that include all facets of wrecking, excavating and demolishing.

    Our experienced demolition team can completely demolish and clean up material from any building or site. We demolish and remove any size building or property structure for you.

    At Creative Destruction, we focus on providing the best retail, residential, and commercial demolition services in Columbus and across the US.

    Located outside of Columbus? Not to worry! Our demolition company can tackle industrial projects across the nation. In the past 20 years, we have successfully gutted and razed over 1000 national properties.

    Industrial Demolition

    As a nationwide demolition contractor, safety is our top priority when providing all forms of demolition services.

    Our team has had no critical injuries in over 20 years in the industrial demolition industry. Our company pays strict adherence to safety while completing demolition projects in a timely manner.

    Many of our clients have a demanding schedule, so we provide 100% on-time project completion.

    We bring industrial knowledge, know-how, safety expertise and capacity to ensure our clients receive the best value and make the right decisions each and every time.

    Demolition Services

    Whether residential or commercial, we offer a custom combination of industrial demolition services to suit your project needs:

    • Building Demolition for residential and commercial building demolition.
    • Structural Demolition for demolishing of structures both large and small.
    • Selective Demolition for demolishing specific components of building structures.
    • Concrete Demolition for removing walkways, driveways, subdivisions, and more.
    • Asset Recovery for excavating and extracting material of salvageable value.
    • Site Preparation for an optimized foundation prior to new building development.

    Residential & Commercial

    Creative Destruction is registered and licensed by the City of Columbus for demolition contracting.

    As a licensed demolition company in Ohio, we’re permitted to perform the preparation, wrecking, excavating, and clean up for many types of buildings, structures, and sites. This includes a variety of residential buildings, commercial buildings, and associated sites & structures.

    Our demolition company provides the processes and procedures for wrecking and removing many types of buildings and structures. By request, we can professionally demolish or excavate entire buildings, or selective structures and material at associated sites.

    Demolition in Columbus, OH

    As a top demolition contractor in Ohio, we can reliably complete any of your national or local demolition needs.

    Our team of demolition experts utilizes the latest processes in wrecking, excavation, concrete removal, clean up and salvage. We specialize in the use of advanced industrial technology and demolition equipment for the best results. This also ensures all commercial and residential demolition projects are completed safely, effectively and on time.

    While based in Columbus, our demolition company has extensive experience serving clients nationwide. Our proven demolition services have successfully fulfilled the site preparation, wrecking, excavation, and salvaging requirements for thousands of projects across the United States.

    Need a demolition partner?

    Contact us by form or phone at 614-981-0392 for a free quote. We’ll be happy to give you more service information and answer any questions you may have. Let’s get your next demolition project done right.