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  • Concrete Demolition

    Concrete Demolition

    At Creative Destruction, we offer professional concrete demolishing and removal services in Columbus, Ohio and across the United States.

    As a professional demolition contractor, we have the team to help you remove and replace existing concrete.

    Concrete Removal and Replacement Services

    Our demolition team can break and remove any and all types of concrete for you. As a registered concrete demolition contractor, we provide concrete demolition and concrete removal services for residential, retail, and commercial projects. We also provide recycling and salvaging services.

    Concrete Demolition Services

    We’re your one-stop solution for concrete demolition. No matter the type or amount of concrete to remove, we can get your job done right with our safe, scalable concrete demolition services.

    • Driveways
    • Concrete Patio
    • Concrete Sidewalks
    • Footings, Walkways
    • Concrete Flatwork
    • Concrete Resurfacing
    • Decorative Concrete
    • Concrete Foundation
    • Pool-side Concrete
    • Concrete Demolition
    • Concrete Excavation

    Experienced Concrete Removal

    Examples of concrete demolition projects we’ve completed include the demolition and removal of concrete pads, footings, walkways, driveways, highways, and entire subdivisions. Whether it’s a pry bar, concrete saw, sledgehammer, jackhammer or specialized concrete breaking equipment, we utilize the best tools and methods based on the project at hand, so all concrete projects are completed safely, effectively, and on-time.

    Demolition Safety Standards

    We ensure optimal safety standards and precautions for all concrete jobs, so no flying concrete shrapnel or other material damages any component of your property. Our demolition team evaluates every facet of Once the job is complete, we effectively dispose of demolished concrete material using the right heavy duty hauler.

    Expert Concrete Demolition

    Our concrete demolition team has completed over 1,000 demolition projects for a wide range of properties. We have a proven track record as a leading provider of demolition services for both commercial and residential applications in the United States.

    Flexible Concrete Removal

    Whether it’s soft, hard, partial, or total concrete demolition, our skilled demolition team has a track record for getting time-critical concrete jobs done safely and correctly.

    Creative Destruction’s industry-leading concrete demolition experience extends across a wide range of sectors and structures. Experience the difference decades of demolishing experience makes on your next demolition project. Concrete removal project coming up? Contact us today for a free estimate.

    Concrete Demolition Experience

    We provide industry-leading experience and skill in concrete demolition. Our team is equipped with the specialized skills, tools, and technology needed for demolishing and pulverizing concrete efficiently. We break down concrete material for commercial and residential buildings and structures across a variety of industries.

    Our Demolition Project Experience:

    • Commercial buildings, structures, sites
    • Industrial buildings, structures, sites
    • School buildings, structures, sites
    • Hospital buildings, structures, sites
    • Public Arena buildings, structures, sites
    • Heavy Highway structures, sites
    • Power Plant structures, sites
    • Maritime buildings, structures, sites
    • Bridge structures, sites, and more

    Concrete Demolition Contractor

    Planning an upcoming concrete job and need professional concrete demolition work done? Creative Destruction can help. We primarily provide concrete removal services in Columbus, OH & Central, OH. However, we offer national concrete services depending on the scope of the project.

    Whether it’s a retail, residential or commercial project, Creative Destruction in Columbus, OH can help you get your concrete demolition and removal project done right.

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